Tiktok’s renowned music streaming app Resso used to be free, but now it has become a premium-only service. This has led many users to look for a Resso MOD APK, so they can continue to enjoy the premium experience of the music platform for free. 

The following article is a complete guide to Resso MOD APK. The subsequent sections include a brief overview of the app, and its features, including the download link and some frequently asked questions.

Also, if you are wondering whether using a modded version is safe, we have shed light on this issue in later sections. So without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Use Resso App On PC Using Emulator In Windows
Use Resso App On PC Using Emulator In Windows


Resso MOD APK is a music streaming app featuring a vast library that allows users to discover and listen to a wide range of songs across various genres.

Now, what makes Resso different or, to be precise, the reason it has managed to stand out is the features such as real-time lyrics display, personalized music recommendations, and the social media-like experience enabling users to create, share, and interact. 

The original Resso requires you to pay for a subscription to use these functionalities. On the other hand, Resso MOD APK bypasses certain limitations and offers you premium features for free. If you are wondering what features the modded version is comprised of, here you go:

Features Of Resso Mod APK

  • Ads Free Experience 

It can be quite frustrating to come across advertisements while listening to music. Intrusive ads not only disrupt the flow but can also ruin your mood. While it’s a trade-off for accessing the platform for free, the constant bombardment of ads is still bothersome and can get into the nerves. 

Note: Do you know Resso hits you with an ad or two after every song unless you are a premium user? And this is where Resso MOD APK comes to the rescue; it offers an ad-free, uninterrupted music experience.

  • User-Friendly Interface

This one is not exactly a premium feature related to Resso MOD APK, but more like a general understanding of the app. 

Resso’s user interface is visually pleasing and offers a clutter-free experience. It comes with clear menus and organized sections, allowing users to 

  • Quickly navigate and find their favorite songs, albums, playlists, and artists.

Furthermore, the search option at the top makes it easy to discover new music and provides relevant results with minimal effort.

  • Synchronized Lyrics 

In our opinion, real-time lyrics display is probably the most notable feature of Resso MOD APK. You can view the lyrics synchronized with the music as you play a song. There are two benefits of this feature:

  • Synchronized lyrics encourage users to actively participate, sing along, and connect with the song’s melody and rhythm, opening doors to a more immersive music experience.  
  • You can understand the lyrics more clearly and follow along with the words as the song plays. It’s particularly helpful for songs with fast-paced or hard-to-decipher lyrics.
  • Create Quotes With Lyrics 

While listening to the music, you may come across lyrics that share personalized viewpoints, something that calls to you or you can relate to on a deeper level. Expressing your feelings or current mood to others through song lyrics allows for emotional communication.

Using Resso MOD APK, it’s effortlessly easy to select the lyrics you want to quote, edit them (such as change font or add a background image), and share them with your friends through social media or other means of communication.  

  • Personalized Music Recommendations 

Resso MOD APK is equipped with machine-learning algorithms to provide music recommendations and curate playlists tailored to the individual’s musical tastes. 

The app tracks the type of music you are searching for, your listening habits, and the most played music genres, and based on that, creates a personalized collection for the users. 

  • Unlimited Skips 

Apt to its name, this feature allows you to change songs as many times as you want without any restrictions. With Resso MOD APK, there are limits to how many times you can skip to the next song. The “unlimited skip” feature allows you to skip songs as often as you like. 

If you are not enjoying the current track, you can quickly move to the next one without waiting for it to end. 

  • Offline Listening 

The best part is that Resso MOD APK allows you to listen to your favorite tracks whenever and wherever you want, without being reliant on an internet connection. 

Nothing is more convenient than downloading songs and/or playlists for offline listening when traveling in areas with weak signals or on a limited data plan. It ensures uninterrupted playback, providing a seamless and consistent music experience.

  • Interactive Community 

As mentioned earlier, combining music streaming and social media elements makes Resso different and unique from its counterparts. Whether you are using the official Resso app or Resso MOD APK, the community section is there, and it’s free. 

It lets you create and share personalized playlists, lyrical quotes, and images, enabling other users to view and interact, fostering a sense of community within the app. They can express their emotions and thoughts by engaging in comments, giving way to an immersive and interactive music experience. 

It has to be one of the best ways to build an active social community and connect with people from different parts of the world that share the likewise musical taste. 

Download & Install Resso MOD APK For Free

It’s pretty straightforward to install Resso MOD APK on your Android device. But before you hit the download button, you must enable the “Install Unknown Apps” setting on your phone. 

By default, app installations from unknown sources are blocked, so by toggling on the aforesaid settings, you will be granted permission to install Resso MOD APK on your device. 

For the skeptics, unknown sources refer to the apps (usually apk’s) you are trying to download outside of the Google Play Store. 

NOTEThere are two options – you can allow app downloads from all unknown sources or just for the Resso MOD APK source. We suggest opting for the latter.

  • First of all, click here to download the Resso MOD APK file.
  • Upon completion, tap on the file icon.
  • You will be prompted with a message stating if you want to continue downloading from an unknown source.
  • Click on OK and Install. 
  • Next, tap Settings and toggle “Allow from this source.”
Last Update July 24, 2023
Website RessoModApkdld.com
Size 79 MB
FeaturesAds Free Music

Is Resso Mod APK Safe To Download and Use?

Truth be told, depending on the source you are downloading the Resso MOD APK from, the safety can vary. 

As you may already know, modified APKs are altered versions of the original app and are not officially released or authorized by the original developers. For that reason, there are potential risks associated with using mod APKs. It includes security risks, stability, and reliability issues, violation of terms of service, lack of updates, and customer support. 

Not to say the risks are inevitable or you are bound to encounter them. It’s just to make you aware of the possibilities. 

If you download the Resso MOD APK from our website, the risks are minimal as we have carefully and thoroughly reviewed the application to ensure our readers’ safety. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I download music for offline listening in Resso Mod APK?

Yes, using Resso MOD APK, you can download songs for offline listening. However, lately, a few reports have suggested that despite the download option being available, it’s not working. As the newer mod version comes to the market, we are hoping for the issue to be fixed. 

Q. How does Resso Mod APK differ from the official Resso app?

Resso MOD APK provides premium Resso features/services without paying the monthly subscription fee.

Q. How to find the latest version of Resso MOD APK?

You should find it right here, on this website. We will update our download link with a newer version as soon as the developer releases it.

Q. What are the cons of Resso MOD APK?

Apart from the ‘songs download for offline listening’ feature causing occasional issues, there is not much we have found that contributes to the Resso MOD APK cons. Generally, stability issues are quite prevalent in modded apps. 

Q. Is Resso better than Spotify?

Resso is undoubtedly an emerging competitor in the music streaming industry. In comparison, Spotify has a larger music library and more extensive playlist options than Resso. On the other hand, Resso is a social music streaming app that offers a more interactive approach with like, comment and share options. 

Final Words

We hope your search for Resso MOD APK ends here with the end of this all-encompassing guide. The above article contains everything you want to know about the app, its features, and download methods. 

If you have questions or doubts in your mind regarding Resso MOD APK, feel free to leave a comment below. We will be more than happy to assist you with your queries.